Last Tuesday, I went to a really great live concert. Einstürzende Neubauten (which means "collapsing new buildings") were playing in Amsterdam. I had never seen them before so I enjoyed A LOT. After almost 30 years of existence the group is still quite productive and creative even though they are less destructive, if you know what I mean... So, no jackhammers this time but a whole lot of other interesting, mainly home-deviced, "instruments".

To give you an idea, I have uploaded some pictures and videos. They used all sorts of stuff for producing engrossing sounds: chains, plastic tubes, metal tubes, styrofoam, pots, more plastic tubes, spinning blades of doom (?!?), drums made out of the cheapest metal material (see also here), lots of metal pieces falling, and more. The nice thing was that the sound of it all was not messy as one might have expected. They were really professional and every sound fit in the whole thing quite nicely. At the end of the concert (after the second time they had to come out because of the crowd asking for more wild sounds) they introduced us to a quite neat interpretation game they've been playing between them lately. It went like this: They had made a bunch (around 600) of cards on which they have written random words, and have put them in a bag. Each member of the band picked 3 cards and had to interpret what's written on them in a way that he can choose what he thinks are the right coresponding instruments (or, to be more precise, objects) and then together with the rest of the band produced an entirely improvisational song. Actually they have recorded a whole album with this technique, as they informed us, which will be released soon. After picking the cards there was a few minutes of confusion and we had to wait for all of them to find the right instruments according to the interpretation of the cards they had in mind, and this was the outcome. In the end they told us what was written on the cards. It was quite fun :-)

And I would definately like to see them again if I have the chance!


(Most photos and videos where taken by Tikitu, so we should be greatful to him :-)