Written on April 10, 2013

One of the good sides of being in late pregnancy (yes there are a few) is that you have plenty of time to do things (as far as your swollen limbs allow you to...). I took my chance to be creative since I realised that it will be one of the last times in my life before becoming 50 that I will have A LOT of time to spare without having to take care of anyone tiny.

So I decided to make a book for our 6 month old nephew Tushin (Tikitu's sister's first son). I always wanted to make a baby book of some sort, and my mom had this brilliant idea of making one with cross-stitch designs (which in theory is pretty "easy" I think, if you have the patience...). My mother has recently been given a huge pile of magazines with cross-stitch designs and suchlike, and there was plenty of designs to copy from in there. I also looked up a couple on the internet. We decided with my mother that we would make 2 books: one for Tushin and one for our son who we are expecting later this month. So we worked in parallel. Mine I would give to Tushin, and hers we would keep for our son.

We started by dividing a long canvas sheet in rectangle sections and the painful process of cross-stitching began... Here is a couple of photos of right after this process finished. All was on the canvas! What a relief!

After this stage we had to think of how we could bind the book. Since we made everything from scratch we had no real instructions for this. We just followed our intuition... So we decided to fold the whole piece and then sew the edges like this:

And as you can see, we also filled in the pages with soft material so it would become more pleasantly chewable by little people :D

After giving it some thought, we decided to finish the spine of the book by folding the leftover material so that we don't need to do too much extra work. And it worked! Here is the end result with all the pages of the book included.

I hope little Tushin enjoys it!