..... 'Ello! I'm Julie, and I'm happy to be here! I've had the pleasure of being a part of this website for about two weeks now, and I find it keeps getting better & better. This will be a place I will continue to enjoy, regardless if Flickr ever rectifies its wrongdoings (it won't).
Ah, Flickr. I hate what they have done, are doing, and are defending - I hate that they have separated me from a community that was my favourite on the entire web. I won't even get into all that, though, because it's all well known and a quick internet search will more than eloquently say what I would verbally butcher to pieces.
All that aside - I think this site is lovely, whether being compared to others or not. It has its hiccups, but they are so minor and easily overlooked that I don't even care. Feedback is not only taken into consideration here, but the users are listened to. It's so rare! And I love it.
What I'm most excited to experience on here is meeting others: all the talented contacts I might potentially meet, the new inspirational like-minded people, everything! I welcome it with open arms, just as the site has welcomed me. I've yet to have the time to dive right in and explore the site (I'm gearing up for a long-overdue vacation to my homeland) but it awaits.
If you'd like to know anything about me, feel free to shoot me a message or a reply to this here bloggything. I could probably find more to ramble about, but will close this with a simple thank you. A thank you to ipernity for welcoming the Flickr survivors so graciously, a thank you in advance to any and all future contacts I might make, and a thank you for giving us all such a lovely home for our photography.