so finally here's another one:

just another aps-c dslr type wide angle zoom. well, it may be not quite alike the others in aperture land because of its constant f/1.8 opening. i acknowledge that this should be more than appreciated - in fact you are getting even a tad less dof than your average pro zoom lens on full frame.

but this lens has a severe downside if you ask me: 18mm for a start! why the heck did they do it that way? why not 16 which would equal 24 in full frame land. 18mm is nowhere near w i d e in today's photographic world! however good this lens might be, it is simply crippled to me! a fast zoom like a 16-35 at let's say f/2.0 would have been something i wished for many years ago - but maybe that belongs in that movie with the famous lalo schifrin title melody ...

sorry for the rant, just had to get this off of my chest!



p.s.: am i the only one thinking that way?