My spiritual husband was driving us to the gym in his Mercedes. Bringing me up to date on current events. He does that well-meaningly. As he rounded the corner, taking a left- he reminded me that the current cost of oil was making it difficult to live. As we made the curve we passed three brown boys coming from the project. I pretended not to notice the outside one giving me the sideways eye. He was looking at me because of the car I was in. This town's so damn small he'll probably be the next guy I see at the club. I'll look good next time he sees me and I won't be driving a Mercedes.

Anyway. I cut bebe short simultaneously, ignoring the guy giving me the eye.

Yes, I said.

"When the cost of oil gets so high, people have to make choices between fuel, food and bills such as their mortgages. That happened to my parents in the last recession. My mother found out our house was in foreclosure as she was reading the evening paper's auction notices in the legal section of the classifieds."

Shortly after that I left for college. Living on five dollars a week was no picnic either.

I know bottom of the barrel.