I was glazed and dazed after a six day whirlwind trip to Berlin. I allow ten days to go coast to coast when I travel in the U.S. I really wanted to go to Berlin. I could've stayed longer. I'm not sure why I didn't. I broke my own travel rule and paid dearly. I didn't know if it was day or night for the first couple of weeks after I got home. I ignored the sun and slept when I was  tired and woke when I felt refreshed. This resulted in me being awake some nights with nothing but bad t.v. for company.

On one of these late nights, early mornings, there was nothing on but the slimey tele evangelist twisting the bible for his own purpose- alternating with commercials for a free, hot, chat line. Ordinarily I would have just gone to bed... this night I was bored and adventurous. I decided to dial the number for chat. Just to see what it was all about. I figured it couldn't be worse than tele evangelism. hmmm.

I've been told I have a young voice. I know there's something about it that appeals to men. When I was in college, I had a temporary job selling tickets to a fleabag circus. If a man answered, I made a sale every time I read my pre written spiel off the sheet. 

I recorded my name and a greeting, Hi, my name is Eve, pleased to meet you. I sat back and listened. Boom! 45 guys lit up the line- it was like virtual fishing. There was a lot to throw back...

At about 6.am. I met a guy named Vinnie from Rhode Island. He was sweet as pie. I told him I liked to dance and that men liked to watch me. He wasn't bothered by that a bit, he sounded like the perfect man for me... we got disconnected.

I've called back a number of times. I've been a blonde, a brunettte and a redhead. 5'2'', 5'7" and I've been in all kinds of supposed situations, still no Vinnie.

I've heard stuff even I can't believe. Woo- we'll just call it research.