mmm. got some feedback on my writing today.

my lover asked me what i'd do if i didn't have the internet to blog. seems he's not pleased with what i've been writing lately. perhaps he thinks i sensationalize things because there is an audience for what i'm writing. My response was that i'd go back down to my basement and continue to write in all those half filled journals i abandoned when i found the net.

He stopped questioning me after that.

in other news my siser - in law came over to tell me she saw my ex - mother - in -law at Costco. told me all about how she was informed we wouldn't recognize my now seven year old daughter whom i haven't seen in five years. 

well , fuckin duh.

what the crap am i supposed to do with this bullshit info? crawl back down to the basement or publish it right here? 

read my shit and wince. don't say i didn't warn ya.