um , let's see- i'm three alter egos- pregnant, locked on a rocketship out in the universe with an astronaut who's interrogating my former suitors and shanking them. having virtual relationships with people who are real but may also be playing more than one role- some of them never revealing their faces...
let me just think for a minute. what do i want to be?

I called myself a tri sexual last night. My friend (whom shall remain un-named unless he tells me to reveal him) countered that I was quad sexual. A thought provoking concept. Sounds  a bit more like a handicap than an asset. He got me thinking though. He's right in my brain.

Maybe i am a quadruple lover. I've had so many loves and so many kinds of love. It's unfortunate that though they are all of the lasting kind- there's been no place permanence to them.

Does anyone else picture their own funeral? When I imagine mine- I see a long line of lovers past and present streaming out the door... testament to me being a right love, wrong place, wrong time, kind of girl.

Oh, well. I'm not dead yet, so I won't give up either.

Having dinner tonight with a husband who isn't an ex. My husband Christopher. He's permanent.