I went to the club last night. i'm bored as hell in this cushiony little half ass town. It was reggae night. I love reggae.

Many hours into the groove, this asshole dreadlocks wannabe shows up. Him and his girlfriend and his bic lighter. This club has low ceilings and it's on the third floor in an old building. No bouncer.

They were there last week too. Fucking asshole's throwing his hands up and lighting his lighter every time the word ganja is mentioned in a song. I tried reasoning with him last week. That didn't work. I try once more anyway. I try to appeal  his sensibility- hah! Telling him he's risking the lives of two hundred other people has no effect on him. His girlfriend tells me it's okay because they aren't the only one's doing it. I wanna smash their ignorant self righteous heads together. I'm not a violent person by nature. They're dancing in my space. He starts shoving his ass up against me. I shove him back. He turns around like an idiot and splashes his beer bottle up into my crotch. When he turns back around to shove his ass against me again with the lighter in his hands- I lift my hands up and smash them down into his enclosed hands, knocking out the lighter. He drops down to pick it up. He's lucky I just keep dancing instead of stepping on his head.

He runs away and I see him gesturing to someone who works there, in my direction. I throw both middle fingers up and  the guy he's talking to starts laughing.


 I kept dancing till the beer dried.

I've seriously had it with stupid people. 


edit: My motto: Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.- Josie Soho

I called the manager of the club. He didn't think Mr Dreadlocks behavior was at all appropriate. There will be a meeting of the owner, the bar manager and himself. 

As a former bartender and fellow human being I couldn't hold back. This town doesn't need a serious tragedy because of some individuals' foolish and dangerous behavior.

Enjoy your weekend.