Since he came to town from Kashmir

it was apparent he loved me.

The melting kindness in his beautiful brown eyes overwhelmed me with warmth.

Turned me away because it was the kind of flame everyone could see.

Even me.


Recently, he and I crossed paths again. I was with a man who has professed to love me. He saw that flame in my protector's eyes and questioned me as to who and why. I was reminded of the angry man who made me pregnant.  Another one of the ones who did not care for me. The story is unflattering to tell. So I won't.

Just know- once upon a time there was a man who saw I needed care and he took on the role. Twice now- he's been glared at by men who professed their love for me. He's done everything right. Twenty something years later those beautiful brown eyes shine for me in spite of everything I've done wrong.