This town's so friggin small. There are two clubs for dancing. The gay club and the straight club.

I prefer the music in the straight club- but the gay club's more tolerant. I don't go to the gay club anymore because i don't want to see my ex-wife.

So...that leaves the straight club- and ageism, sexism and racism. Just like the outside world.

People my age do not go this club. That's how it works in the U.S. I'm supposed to be down the road with all the other  divorced people. listening to whining midddle aged men who's wives won't have sex with them. If i wanna hear that crap- i can stay home and chat on the sex line.

I want to get dressed up and dance.

The one saving grace of this club is the Human Cargo, they come from countries where people are integrated socially on all age levels. Those are the boys i usually dance with, the brown boys, the asian boys, the spanish boys...

Ordinarily, I ride alone. I hate going to clubs with someone else if i don't have a date. Too confining.

Last night I made an exception and took my sister-in-law. She blended right in.

Something about me.

I'm looking too fierce in my ho gear. She's wearing a white turtleneck sweater and jeans...i don't get it.  All I can gather is this town's too small for me.

I did share some dances with a jamaican boy who told me he was only looking for fun. Is there any other reason to go dancing? I'd never in my wildest dreams think of anything happening, except- dancing. What ? I'm gonna find a marrying kind of prince in the club? yeah, right.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fear Of Commitnment, went outside for a break and got locked out. When I went outside half hour later he was standing by the door waiting for me. yeah, i dance that powerfully. told me he hopes he sees me again...

Take a number, you might have to call me in Berlin.

We fended off the trail of boys following my sister- in law and went home.



The light was harsh and bright when i got in. just for the hell of it- one more documentation of the glamorous, single life before I fell into bed.

Happy Sunday everyone. How was your Saturday night?