I was so happy to read an article this week about how most sex magic is performed auto-erotically.  that explains a lot to me about the sexual successes I've had.

Occasionally a sex magician will come across an untrained participant who's pliant enough to comprehend and facilitate the experience. not usually though. i've met a few.

For the second time in a week I went to the makeup counter and got a professional makeup application, Today's experince was so much more rewarding than the last.

I won't bother trying to document how i look. Because few of you can comprehend the difference between a woman using herself as her own model and whoring around.

POINT IS - I'm single. I've had more sex in my life than any so called respectable woman would admit to. Most of it was utter crap. Stick it in and wiggle it around. Pitiful.

The fact that I've endured a lot of bad sex doesn't make me a whore anymore than it turned any of those men into studs.

Don't tell me your ethnicity or upbringing is going to make any difference. I've had a whole united nations of men.

If any of you really had the balls to love a woman- you could figure sex out.

That is all.







Standing on the dance floor with two middle fingers raised in the air . i got my own house -i got my own car- and i'll fucking sell them to find the life which belongs to me.

or not. but i'm sure as hell not sitting here anymore. i'm going back to where men responded to me appropriately for the first time in my life.


I had four days in Berlin, ALONE.