The best beat for bein' Up against the wall Is anything A more blatant expression of a horizontal Desire than Rub a dub I don't think so Two Intertwined Man Sheltering Woman A righteous Reggae march All the true believers In the dancehall Channeling their energy Into one love.


Art Quote of the Day I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment. Marc Chagall


scanner collage 2005 one hand up three hands down productions™

Thinking pop and lock with rubaa dub stylee these days


happy saturday night. we have ageism and sexism in this town. th eonly boys wh owanna dance with me are th eones who cam eher eas cargo. they're beautiful and pure.

 i'll be bouncin of a wall tonight cause it's easier than tellin some sweet young thing he can't have my number.

Rock out! love, eve

P.s. there's no smoking in the clubs here. That means i can count a few hours of dancing as exercise. LUcky I'm prego. I can only have ein bier. That's a lovely thing!