Henri banks and josie soho have been in bed together since march 2005 when he found her in th enet. it works because his bull shit detector is set even higher than hers. i really didn't have to go all the way to berlin to make sure of that. but i'm really glad i did. happy anniversary baby. every day for three years we've been building this and making friends doing what we love to do. it's a love jam. welcome everyone. there'll be more guests arriving but we're going to keep the party on the downlow for now. Happy anniversary Honey Banks, you've never asked anything of me and i love you for that. kiss k and tell her it looks as if everything's going to be alright. miles to go before we sleep... did i tell you- i found a family to raise my baby.

goood morning afternoon and evening, love virtual mama. see you around the planet- truce, josie