I'm pregnant and hungry.


whtthefckzhername moved back into town. see previous post

i have to look as good as possible at all times.

for the big show down I know she's gonna try and freak me with.

my asshole sister was already over there trying to turn up the volume by by buzzing the lot.

i'd rather talk about my new tat tho. it's seriously a bullshit detector. but the good part-

it's just about me


Robin Banks deleted after i told her in her chat box- what was childish was naming her blog after a syndicated comic strip. She ha dsaid something rude to henri and it pissed me off.

I also told her not to ever sister me with the sisterhood again. People on th eother side of th efence- wink nudge. you know what i mean.

And not to show her face on my page. Five minutes later she showed up.


She came she saw she deleted. I'm not a bitch.

 I hate shady ass people hiding in the net.LOSERS.


I know my army knows never to play a playah- that's why you're here.

You all have my T.r.U.s.T.™ unless i learn otherwise

i know you won't ever make me look stupid.


Be well babies. I'll be here. and around and about.

have i ever told you I used to be a lesbian?-like it should matter.



Naked for a reason tour™ 

reason- we all got here the same way

 adam and eve were naked and safe till they ate from the tree of knowledge. what kind of bullshit tree was that? 

bodies are shells, as well as the temples of our spirits and  we must honor them.

if your temples and psyches were damaged along the way . we have to find a way to heal. be your own parent and be kind to yourself. you deserve it.


This photo represents a fifty year old woman proud of where she's come from . capturing a physical moment in time -that's oh- so -fleeting. something to be appreciated and respected.

i'm my own model. i stand before you nude, not naked.