it's a long story


just like all the rest


Nelly Furtado ft Timbaland-Promiscuous


2007 metallic blue mustang convertible 2174 miles 25G

looks like some dealer lost his wife or mistress or wife or mistress to me.


I went back inside to pick up my 2002 CRV.


60,000 mile service at 70,000. the boys inside know me. Spike even said, that's alright j, it's how you roll.

i told him i could work it out at the gym across the street. see you in an hour?


uh, j, a 70,000 takes a bit longer than that. i said, that's okay i can do an hour and a half. he looked at me and gulped. a bit. i winked at him and left.


a whole bunch more things happened while i was hitting my machine hard. my sister - in law showed up with my niece's ipod. i haven't been able to find mine since the plane.


Anyway I learned about this song from a 9 year old.

more about Americans, children and black music later.

I had a great two hour workout. I cried a bit during it too. people saw me but it didn't matter.

People who train seriously know it's about the body and the mind. 1 1/2 hours cardio, four sets of dips and pullups on the gravitron...10 more min cardio and 20 minutes of stretching- which included some of the sobbing.


Back across the streeet those boys were working on my car. As I headed back over i saw my new ride.

I talked to Spike again. his mechanic found the squeaky belt i've been trying to get replaced for two years.

i think i love him. no not Spike, the mechanic. i have a soft spot for car guys and tinkerers.


Spike's hot though because he had the balls to authorize my repair without me confirming it.


The mechanic's hot cause he found it and pushed the issue.

I'm pretty sure he's probably the guy who came out from the shop while I was talking to Spike. He wasn't half bad . ;-)

i know that- I'll go out front and pretend I'm looking for something at the front desk trick.


i've had my CRV since it was new, these boys knew I had to buy out my lease. which to put it plainly- sucks. it's a suck situation.

 They've been servicing my ride since 2001.

They also know the person who put me in that position.

She worked there and was a big, fat, pain in their asses. I'm sure.


i used to see them looking at me, at the company xmas parties. Looking with that wonder what the hell she sees in her-look, in their eyes.

Five year's later they can finally look me in the eye and take care of me.

Trust that I deserve the care. That, I won't snap back and bite them in the ass like some other woman.


That's why- when I walked back from the gym and saw my next new car, I didn't bother with the front of the house.

I walked right up to Job, my service manager and asked him what was up with the little beauty out front.

He grinned and said, It's yours! You go girl!

I replied, Sweetheart it's mine and I've already been gone and I'm goin back!! 

 See ya later babe. WINK.  Kiss your wife for me. i still love you even though you almost ass ended me that time at cVS three years ago.haha- big, big teddy bear!

Both our days were brighter for that.


on the tread mill i closed my eyes and raced to the beat. get as close to the pain as you can stand without getting hurt i thought. then i snapped to cause i was sliding off the end of the tread. i opened my eyes and hopped back up. looking out the window i saw my bro's pickup turning the corner. i hadn't noticed my new baby across the street yet.

i can go back to the13th most dangerous city to dance to this (that's where i met my wife) or I can set it off in Berlin.

i know what I wanna do and i figured out the wardrobe for a knapsack.

there's some new leather in my future.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SSbgMHH_Ho Nails


The sun came out.

 Breaking story... my sister Foof just phoned to ask if I got her text a couple of days ago. I told her no, i learned to enjoy life without cell last week.

She said yeah well that's great.The message was- that she's back at Honda, that store.

i almost puked again- but in a happy way.

Thank god I'm pregnant.  I've got a craving for shellfish and beer.

buying that car just got a lot more certain and intriguing... taking a walk to the store for some more belgian beer.

Foof told me last friday night, Go the fuck back to Berlin! She loves me.


 she  Hondagrl used to be my self appointed physical  trainer to0.

a Hoegaarden sounds more than appropriate now.

All signs are go.

only ein bier for pregos per day. to your health!

damn- maybe that hot boy came out from the back to see what a lesbian's ex looks like.

there aren't too many lipstick lovers in this town . they're mostly diesel or librarian.

breeder boys sweat that shit. nobody ever told them ....

oh well- lots of stories to tell.

 Thursday March 6 15:29: 03

The crab was delicious. I've been to my sister in law's and given her shit about not warning me about my ex.

Fact is when she came in  to the gym this morning I was working out as hard as I could with my eyes closed, thinking about Berlin. It was helping me focus. I almost fell off the machine when she touched me.

My nails are done and I'm getting dressed up like a steppin razor and going the the MAC counter for a professional macquillage.

Of course that's all after my sister - in law picks me up for the gym  and right before I go to the dealership to look at my new car again.

Rose Diamond reminded me there were two more things on the car that needed to be fixed.

What's a girl to do? WINK

8:42:59 Life's not strange anymore

Before i went to the gym yesterday I thought about The last Sunday I was there before Berlin.

i can rock the elliptical  because to me it most resembles flying. i love to be gravity free.

The tread's a different story . I had physical therapy last spring that interrupted my training for some bike touring i planned to do last summer.


Anyway. When i pick my tread I do it according to the person who's going to be next to me- gender doesn't matter.

It's the intensity of their workout which determines them. I don't have time to be tied down to a plodder.

I walked over. Dude's pumpin on his machine. I pick him.

 I crank the tunes and dance when i do my cardio.

It's possible to do things on a machine that aren't accomplishable on the dance floor.

On the tread I  can look out the window at the HOnda dealership across the street, the planes taking off and landing at the airport ,the lone gull overhead or the tv screeen in front of me. Even with all that and my eyes straight ahead the dude kept drawing my peripheral.

Oh no- you just didn't! He just jumped in the air to turn around and run backwards. Ok Go style. Here It Goes Again



He kept doing it. I smirked and kept running. I'd already seen the gold on his hand. 

Mornin jC. How many sets and reps of what? - joZee