a woman approached me at a party in Yoville last night. private messaging me to ask- Jozee, men or women? i responded- just cruising events for fun. the private conversation went on and on. she told me she was bi- sexual and that i was pretty and nice.

i hate that term as i eschew labels. i told her being bi-sexual was a more difficult path than being gay or straight.

a more resonable term would be ambi - sexual if we're going to do away with the context of penises and vaginas as a focus i think.

i also told her i lived in a committed woman to woman relationship for a number of years. one resulant in me being a de facto parent to a daughter. a de facto parent with no rights.

she said but you enjoyed the life - right? before she knew about my child.

i hope she understood tho i'm not certain she did- relationships are supposed to transcend genitalia.

she was divorced (with a small child) from her husband who she said was a yadda.

so she was glad.

she also mentioned her ex introduced her to this lifestyle that she now likes to enjoy.

i couldn't help but tell her that bi-sexuality and the action of it is usually just another power trip for the man. she told me she never let him participate. i told her it didn't matter, American men just aren't that evolved.

she took no offense. she laughed, in fact.

we agreed we'd talk again sometime. she said if i ever changed my mind to let her know. i laughed and called her Sugar. i'd already told her that in my heart of hearts, i really love men.

she seems to be deleted from my buddy list now. it's probably all for the best... i can't remember her name.