Shortly after sunset, the sky over Marudi seemed to glow. I stood at the banks of the Baram River watching the light wane away in Marodi - a tiny sleepy city surrounded by jungle and only accessible via the river. Far in the distance a thunderstorm was raging. I observed with awe and felt someting indescribable was happening... ..

Silence On The River

The cranes at the dock don’t squeak any longer
Roustabouts went home for a drink, a spicy noodle dish
As lonely fishermen above golden waters
Dream of a final bouncing catch
Silence expanding on the river
A vanishing sun, pink clouds above
Dark shadows rise over the jungle at dusk
Under luminous curtains on a lucid sky
Calm descends over my tiny jungle town
Where everybody knows each other’s soul
In love or hate, non-compassionate suspense
As ghosts roam empty streets at night
Far beyond distant lakes
Night falls like a silent gloom’s coat
Lightning rootlets beam up and down
Followed by scary thunder’s roar
Indescribable magic unfolds
Twilight zone - gate to an unknown world
Are heaven and earth talking again?
In a cosmic download?

(c) 2004 by Franz L Kessler