Frans Peter Verheyen's articles

  • The street fair .

    - 7 years ago
    You know what I am talking about, every little town or village has them. The yearly street fair. It's always a nice and happening in a friendly atmosphere. More and more you see the local photographers appearing but now with Collodion wet plate photography. Have your picture taken for 25 bucks! Take it home on glass. It's special, it's old !!!! And don't worry its not art. Ohh yes it's well done, these guys mastered the technique. But you go home with a piece of glass or aluminum, and no it is…

  • willy nilly

    - May 28, 2013 - 1 comment
    When I started the website “film is not dead it just smells funny” in 2004, only because I really thought non-digital photography could not die out, I couldn’t have imagined to be upgraded to ‘guru’ willy-nilly by the virtual community, I didn’t have that ambition, it just happened. Over the years I have seen many photos, which were send to me appropriately and inappropriately. Photos that often did not exceed the level of ‘a snapshot’. The ‘photographer’ -who was able to get his girlfriend to p…