On his Tumblr blog recently, the CEO of Automatic, the company who owns WordPress, announced their purchase of Tumblr microblogging site.

I think this is a perfect fit.

But, I maintain that having a blog on Ipernity is best of all.

I have blogged on LinkedIn, WordPress.com, Tumblr, my website blog - which is provided by FineArtAmerica, and even a bit on Flickr (though it doesn't have a formal blog tool). All of them have their own features, and I blog on each for different reasons.

It is said that you should own the 'online real estate' of your blog. But I think this is becoming watered down with time. Becuase even if I pay for any of the above mentioned services, they still can make changes beyond my control, except for ipernity because here I am part owner with the community who shares in the features, and changes, of the website.

Other than with ipernity, just because I pay for it doesn't mean I own it. That's why I stopped posting to Flickr, and paying for it, once the new owner took over.

I no longer think having your own separate blog is worth the time and money. I find many of those features (that I mostly use) for blogging right here on ipernity. And there is an great community here if you just engage with them. I also believe that a brand is not your domain name, but that people search for you online and what they see on page one.

So Automatic says that Tumblr will be like a companion to WordPress. Some members I've talked with on Tumblr take that to mean in the way Instagram is a companion now to Facebook. There are contact requests from one to join the other and link accounts together. This makes sense to me, since Tumblr is like a blog and Twitter together.

Tumblr most recently removed the porn content off the site, a subject it was most noted for. And many photographers that I developed relationships with on Tumblr have migrated to Instagram. I did not. ...

So, my main blog is here on ipernity to share general thoughts, like I'm doing here right now. I talk about my artistic photographs on my Art website blog, which is logical. I use my LinkedIn blog to share business and professional topics and themes. I've used my Tumblr blog like a back up portfolio of sorts, and been having fun lately sharing from ipernity.

Also, I use my WordPress blog as a back up for my content here and on my art blog, because they don't have the function to download or back this up. I also have a blog about my home town, but again all that is a duplicate from an album I have her on ipernity.

So the good news is that blogging is still alive in the shadow of social media, and it will be interesting to see how these latest developments evolve.

Thank you for reading.


Photo: 'Sports Half-Time' by Frank J Casella All Rights Reserved.