I have been here on ipernity a few months, and have 'dipped my toe in the water', so to speak, and now I am ready to jump in with both feet. I love the community here and believe in everything we are doing.

So I have a few questions that maybe we can talk about, so that we are all clear on this subject and recent developments with Copyrights.

I read in the IMA newsletter this paragraph: "On March 26, 2019, the European Parliament adopted the copyright reform, which had been subject of much controversy until recently. It does not affect ipernity as a non-commercial community in its entirety. Nevertheless, we would like to ask you again not to upload any copyright protected content."

Reference link www.ipernity.com/blog/team/4720614

In reading about the copyright reform, it seems this is much about creators and their commercial works, yes? So I'm wondering if the above paragraph is using the correct words, that it should say instead 'not to upload any commerical content'??

I'm think that you can have copyright protected works that is not commerical. Likewise, we have an option with our images to mark it as All Rights Reserved ... which doesn't mean that it's commercial, yes?

Because I sell my photography on another website, sometimes (like when I was on Flickr) if my works saw an interesting response I might convert it for sale on the art website .. but leave it on Flickr. So in the context of this post, if I did this then I would have to mark here on ipernity those images private to better comply with the copyright reform?

One of the reasons that helped me to decide to participate in the iperinty community is this sentence found in the FAQ: "Artist? We will offer you a great window on the world and tools to protect your creations." Reference Link: www.ipernity.com/help/faq/general#50 So I'm wondering if this sentence still holds true, or needs a tweak?

I don't seek to sell my photography on ipernity, and only share a link to my artwork in the space provided on my About page. I didn't think I was able to do more, but am I? Like post a link to my artist profile on the other site on each picture description (like Flickr allows if you are a pro member)? Again, I am here for the community, but do like to share my work across platforms when allowed.

So what do you know about all this, or do you have any thughts to add?

Thank you for reading,