Having become increasingly disenchanted with Flickr (good though it still is) thought I'd best start looking for an alternative photohosting/sharing site... just in case I decide to move.

Well, I tried Picasa ages ago and didn't like it. Same with ImageShack. More recently I've played with SmugMug, and Zooomr. Both looked as though they had potential but, digging beneath the surface a little, both presented me with "issues" that I'm not really prepared to make the effort to resolve (or rather, attempt to).

So somehow I've landed up here at Ipernity and have to confess that first impressions are very favourable.

But before I give Flickr up totally (if indeed I ever do) I'll probably just mess around here for a few months to see how things work out.

[Edit 15 April '08: More thoughts/comments on this over at my wordpress blog Adventures of an Idiot]