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  • Feature request: CC+ implementation

    Creative Commons has launched CCPlus to make it easy to both use a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use, and at the same time sell trough a company for commercial use. It would be great if Ipernity teamed up with one or more companies that sells photos for commercial use, and implemented CCPlus to make it easier for people who find a photo on ipernity they want to use commercially to buy that right. Having ipernity be a dead simple way of making money off of your photos could drive…

  • Ipernity and original size, why so restrictive?

    Dear Ipernity! I love this service, and I think you've done a great job with it! Finally I have found a better place for my pictures than Flickr! But there is one thing that is bothering me; Why do you demand that people log in before they can see the original sized version of my creative commons licensed photos, and why do I have to be a pro to see the original sized version of non-CCed photos? It is not your pictures to do what you want with, and when I spend so much of my monthly…

  • Feature request: Optional SFW version of Ipernity

    I love the fact that you don't have to be afraid of censorship when you upload your pictures to Ipernity, that is absolutely the way it should be! But still, some times it can be a problem that any time you go to you must be prepared to face a NSFW picture on the front page. This is very unfortunate if you're actually at work or school, or in any other setting where nude pictures are not appropriate. Also after logging in you might face NSFW pictures in the "Latest docs from your ne…