I love the fact that you don't have to be afraid of censorship when you upload your pictures to Ipernity, that is absolutely the way it should be! But still, some times it can be a problem that any time you go to ipernity.com you must be prepared to face a NSFW picture on the front page. This is very unfortunate if you're actually at work or school, or in any other setting where nude pictures are not appropriate. Also after logging in you might face NSFW pictures in the "Latest docs from your network" area on your homepage. As I said; normally the lack of censorship is a good thing, but sitting at school today, logging in to Ipernity I felt a little awkward when this was what greeted me:

I know, this is not very NSFW, but still I felt a small discomfort, and it could very easily been much "worse"! Also before I got that far I had to log in through the front page, where a much larger NSFW picture could have been. As I've said; I don't have a problem with that normally, but in some situations it would be very handy if I could be certain that I would not be greeted by any (semi) NSFW pictures, neither on the front page, or on my home page.

That is why I would like to propose the idea of ipernity.com/sfw. /sfw would look and feel exactly the same as ipernity.com, with the one exception that everything would be SFW, both on the front page, and everywhere else on ipernity, both before and after logging in. After that it would also be quite easy to implement a feature for logged in users to always use the SFW version of Ipernity if they would prefer that for some reason (small children in the house, jealous wifes, etc.). But first and foremost ipernity.com/sfw would make it safe for normal users of Ipernity to also log in from work, school, and other places where (semi) nude pictures is not accepted.

What do you think? Would you use such a feature, or do you think it's a bad idea? Please voice your opinion!