Even though Ipernity clearly is the best all round photo sharing site on the web, there is no hiding that you are quite minute compared to the giant which shall remain unnamed. That is not fair, but it's an easy understood fact none the less. They were first, they were good. Now Ipernity is better, but you're too late, because the community is over there, and that's not easy to change. Well, now you have the chance, if you act on it!

Google has just announced its OpenSocial platform for interaction between social websites. Who's on it till now? Sites like Orkut, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Ning, Hi5, Plaxo, Friendster, and now also MySpace, Bebo and Six Apart. Who's not on? You know who! They're owned by one of Googles main competitors, and are not likely to join anything they create any time soon. If you join in now it will be dead easy for MySpace, Orkut, and Bebo users to use Ipernity with their social networks, and just think of what just a small fraction of their users will mean for Ipernity! Slide is already on the bandwagon, don't let any other photo sharing sites beat you to it! Also, as an extra bonus; If you're one of the first to join OpenSocial, you might very well be mentioned in a lot of articles and blogposts about OpenSocial which inevitably will follow in the wake of the launch of OpenSocial. Please do not miss this opportunity!

As Techcrunch notes:

It’s clear that the developers who arrived early to the Facebook Platform party won easy customers. Those that came later had to fight much harder. Developers found their new gold strike, and they will soon all be there, mining away.

Edit: OpenSocial is now, ehm, open...!