I'm back. On this trip I went to four states(Washington, Nevada, Utah and Arizona(briefly)). I had no idea Utah was so gorgeous. Don't really expect my pictures to come out nearly as good as it looks in real life but we'll see.

I shot about 16 rolls of film(medium format and 35mm). My friend Eric unexpectedly gave me a fisheye 2 when i was visiting him. Apparently, it was a Christmas gift from years ago that he never got around to mailing to me. So i got to run a few tests through it(one of those rolls is presently hanging to dry in my bathroom). I was also given an Argoflex TLR from my friend Angela, but it seems that the shutter is broken. I may look into getting it fixed. Aside from these i shot the usual suspects - holga, pinholga, and the olympus xa.

While in Seattle I was able to see the documentary Finding Vivian Maier. I was very happy to be able to see this. Was I the only one that found the film development scene strange? It looked like way too much agitation. But the results looked fine so maybe I"m missing something.

While in St. George visiting my sister we stumbled upon a small exhibit by Dorthea Lange which was nice to see. It was interesting to see how small a lot of the prints were. While at the musem we saw some nice desert night shots by a photographer whose name escapes me. We also saw this artist book by Sue Cotter(www.woodhengepress.com/) which possibly interested us more than the photography(I know, sacrilege!). The people at the museum were kind enough to flip through the book so we could see each page.

In the next months my stream is sure to be filled with a lot of shots from the trip, some good and some just snapshots.