Yes, I’m a Naturist!

This sure does get people upset. Why is that? Why are people here in the good ol' USA so up tight? 
We espouse freedom, yet we are so restrictive in our thoughts as to what is 'offensive'. Political Correctness has turned this country upside-down. If anything our so called moral compass only points in one direction. We worry about the unimportant things. 
We worry about what everyone else is doing, and don’t pay attention to our own lives….someone is missing something.

If our soldiers are killed we think 'what a shame', and continue on. If a child is raped and murdered, we think 'gosh just terrible, hope they catch who ever did it' and then we move on. If we see homeless people suffering, we think...'just terrible' and move on. But if someone has a 'wardrobe malfunction' or Brittany Spears decides to not wear underwear or Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell start calling each other names....stop the presses!!!! Weeks of headlines....people scream...'I'm insulted!'...'I've been harmed'...'ooo my eyes!!'...'I'm going to sue'....quick have a hearing!!!...pass some laws!!!!! 
What an embarrassment! 

Lets look at some really offensive things that occurred just today...and everyday in the US of A.
-Today 13 million children went hungry. 

-Today 260 million pounds of food will be thrown away by the food service industry. 

-Today 200,000 US veterans will remain homeless.
-Today 52,000 people will contract an STD/STI an additional 109 will contract HIV. 

-Today 258 women will be raped. 
Today 47 people will be murdered.
-Today 11,000 wild animals will be killed by vehicles. 

-Today 554 hectares of wetlands was destroyed. 

-Today 593 hectares of forest was cut down. 

So tell me where the problem is....people being naturists or the fact that this country seriously has its concerns in the wrong place.