Yeeha! Another New Year Eve celebration is almost upon us! Happy New Year!

 It’s time for me to get reflective…which always seems to make me ill. New Year’s Eve obviously signals that another year is rapidly coming to an end…hallelujah! ...a year of missed and squandered opportunities, messed up priorities, poor decisions that have usually led to disastrous events, situations lacking good judgment or moral fiber, dumb ass shit I’m embarrassed to admit and the unexpected that’s beyond my control.

 This year ranks way up there as not such a good year. It started off with a health related thing…a little routine maintenance involving insertion of a stint into an artery. That was follow by a mild heart attack which I caused myself by taking the wrong meds. Then around mid-year, there was one of those complicated little situations that surfaced…and I still catching hell for it. And topping off the year…outdoing anything I could ever possibly do, with a move so bizarre that it still blows my mind…my oldest daughter secretly ties the knot with one of the most worthless individuals I've ever known. She’s an 18 year old college freshman with no job or money (of her own); he’s a transient 22 year old with no job or money or any desire to ever get a job or have any money….and he’s not even a musician or artist! And it gets much worse…one of these days, I’m expecting for all this to come out on Dr Phil or Maury!

 In my 55 years of existence, I can’t think of a year that I wasn’t glad to see it end and this one is certainly no exception! It never seemed to matter how good or bad a year may have been…or that another year gone meant another year closer to death. I've always looked forward to the next year with hope and expectations that it might a better year…seems only natural. 2007 was a a bit rough...I have no doubts that 2008 will be much smoother.

 I wish all of you a great 2008. Peace.