At last! My photos from Flickr are all here on ipernity! The Flickr account has been reduced to a placeholder so that friends can find me here if they choose. I didn't like having to delete the comments along with the Flickr photos (in no small part to protect the photos from, ah, misappropriation), but accessing the photos was tedious ever since the "improvements", meaning I'd never have been able to enjoy the comments again anyway.

At least for now, the ability to view my creative photos, life on the farm, and all those silly cat pictures will be limited to contacts. Only the llama photos will be viewable by everyone. Part of this is my unfamiliarity with ipernity and how to prevent my photos from being picked up by Google searches (there are enough people in the llama circles who recognize my llamas instantly that theft of those photos isn't possible in the long term, but my other photos have no such protection).