Change happens. Sometimes we initiate it; sometimes nature or life just "does things" and we must respond to the fully unintended results to us personally. Sometimes the powerful few choose to impose change (favoring them) on us, the many, without our consent and think they'll make it stick. Sometimes those in power underestimate the choices available to the many. And that's all I'm gonna say about why I'm leaving Flickr behind. There is nothing to be gained by whining on and on ... and yet, remaining fully silent only gives a little more power to the oppressors as they loudly proclaim that the unhappy are a minority. :-)

My "pro" account on Flickr won't expire for nearly a year, so I'll be bringing photos over later, and gradually — those who don't have the luxury of time to migrate from Flickr don't need me elbowing my way into the currently challenged server space. In the interim, I'm making my new posts here on ipernity, and enjoying the process of looking around to get a feel for what ipernity is and to find new inspiration and fascination for photography and nature through new contacts.