Since my first attempt of doing something that at least looks like meditation,

some years have gone by already; five years if I remember it right. The first

type of meditation I learned is the Japanese Zazen ("sitting in Zen"), which

seems to be a very pure and basic technique. Although I was determined to

meditate not less than three times per week, I couldn't do as I wanted.

Only this month a change happened: I've learned a new technique, one which

gives me the strength to be disciplined enough to sit every day for one or two

times, each time for one hour. The technique's name is Vipassana ("seeing

things as they are", pronounced like "Vee-pash-shana"), a method that survi-

ved the slack period, for around two thousand years, in Burma/ Myanmar, be-

fore it came back to its land of origin, India, from where it eventually spread all

over the world. The organisation which teaches Vipassana works non-profit;

each student is free to decide after the course if and how much (s)he wants

to pay.

The courses are open for every one, no matter what religion, nor is there a

need to believe in anything at all. The teaching is easy to grasp. Actually,

I dare to say, the method is as transcendent as empirical science - simply

perfect for Meditation-Dummies like me!

Give it a try and you will be thankful for every hour of the

10-day course.