People like to say: "Be more flexible and everything will become better. And if you've found yourself slithered into a situation where you really don't know how to be even more flexible, than just give up and forget it."

I basically do agree. Just..., there is, of course, an exception to this very universal rule. I'm speaking of one's yearning for someone. There certainly are circumstances that call for the Let-go-decision, but your heart won't follow your order. It makes no sense at all, because neither you nor your heart like to suffer.

So, and I need to talk about my example. It won't take long to describe it. I pictured it very clearly. I'm standing at a tri-fold branching off. Each path marked by a gate. The task is to decide which one to follow, and there's no alternative.

The Gate of Wood:
Grow and rise above; forget him, and forget that you deserve to be loved back. Moreover, you have to firmly believe in the possibility that you're able to fall for someone else.

The Gate of Fire:
Receive his proposal to be forever just his close friend, and, most important, don't be afraid of being burnt to ashes by unfulfilled desire.

The Gate of Silver:
Because you think The Gate of Wood and The Gate of Fire is all but bullshit, you decide to let your heart being transformed into a piece of metal and, as a consequence, to escape the world of tears and lust.

Somehow it appears to me, that in my past lives I always had passed through the latter gate. I'm so incredibly inflexible. Actually I'm not capable to choose at all, I always can't but walk down the road behind The Gate of Silver.