First of all, I feel quite delighted, because I realized that another

clichee is about to die. The young french folks are definitely willing

to communicate in English! Merci beaucoup dessus mes nouvelles

amies Lison du Var et Elsa West!

And, at the same time, I'm very thank-

ful ipernity urges me somehow to revive my French aswell! I browse

through the streams and I can't help but have to figure out what the

French messages are about. So, my rosty French comes back slowly.

In high school, my evil french and english teachers convinced me I

don't have the brains to study foreign languages. The marks of those two

subjects had always torn down my otherwise quite good marks quota.

Yet, as I entered the university I challenged myself. I chose Precolum-

bian America Studies and Sinology, consequently I had to take courses

in Spanish* and Chinese.

After I learned that, besides English, they're

the most spoken languages on earth, I was even more motivated. So, a

decade after my discouraging high school degree, I'm a Language

Maniac who speaks four languages and is determined to add French and

Japanese aswell!

Never trust other peoples' judgements about you - except for very good

friends of course, and maybe those rare white-haired wise men and wo-

men... .

*Yes, although it is "Precolumbian", the primary study sources are most-

ly written by the Spanish conquerors.