I just posted pictures of the place I lived two years ago. When I watch them I feel sorry for how hard it is to make compromises. Back then, I had just two travel bags with me and my bike, brought from Berlin, and I had the amazing feeling to be able to move anywhere, just now, without having to leave behind anything.

In the meantime I moved three times and I have to carry 13 cardboard boxes with me when I want to change my place of residence. So, I need someone to drive it by car now in order to move. That's really annoying me.

At the same time I'm so thankful for having a well-paid job now and that my living standard raised to a more comfortable level compared with where I was two years ago. I definitely can't be happy without books I can call my own, and nice lamps, and bla bla bla . . .

The only thing that gives me some confidence, still, is that I see me throwing things away reguarly, so that it won't grow exponentially. Maybe I should establish a box limit: never hoard more than the volume of 15 boxes!