Since one year, or so, I'm playing with the thought of "recording" my dreams - I mean, just with a pen and paper. Tonight I finally wrote the first draft into my note book. Moreover, I did also surf the web for some help concerning dream interpretations; anyone who shares my interest is welcomed to leave some notes!

Here's my dream from last night, the - I admit - stupid title is:


floating on a poor raft in flooded Prenzl'berg*

I'd like to note first that I, since four years already, don't live anymore in Berlin, which is my hometown. Still, my dreams take often place in Berlin and I mostly dream of caucasian people. Since I moved to China, I dreamt about Chinese people only twice! It's unbelievable how slowly my unconsciousness is adapting . .. still living in old Germany, man!

Ok, here it comes now:

The setting is quite grey, sky is overcast, people live on rafts like in "Waterworld". Circumstances are disastrous, people rob each other from time to time. I'm on a raft with someone who seems to be my boyfriend, { he resembles noone I've ever met in real life, and I don't have a boyfriend at all, so he's totally made-up ~ which appears to me now to be the weirdest thing in the whole dream ~ I suggest it's perhaps not a boyfriend but an alter ego of myself instead } so, "we" are on the raft and it's maybe afternoon and both of us feel quite exhausted.

The buoyancy of our raft is very poor, therefore we are half under water. I don't feel cold but I do desire stable ground under my feet and some dry clothes. It's also tiresome that we have to watch over our belongings. Not that we posess much, but we've got some precious electronical instruments to observe something { now, I don't know what in detail, though }.

Our equipment is vacuum-packed and also protected by some layers of bubble-wrap, or whatever, therefore it's no problem that it's submerged in the water all the time. So, that "boyfriend" and me are both lying in the water, when I suddenly realize that two devices loosened from the safety net on the raft and will be lost unless I immediatedly dive after them. My boyfriend is asleep, by the way. The situation is critical because the water is not the least transparent, its color is a muddy-green khaki. Yet, I can eventually catch the instruments and bring them back onto the raft.

Back on the raft I realize something is wrong with my boyfriend/ my alter ego - I can't wake him/ me up. At this point I'm already conscious again; the dream is over . .. . quite bizarre, isn't it?

~ ~ ~~ I n t e r p r e t a t i o n

Well, after my in-depth investigation on dream interpretation and the key symbols of water and rafts, I concluded that this dream was indeed an echo of my current worries; the ones circling around my friendship with Zhu Qing: it is a very unstable thing and the cause why I'm regularly lost in big emotional turmoils.

In a broader context it also reflects my anticipation of our world going down ~ and me as being capable only of looking at it going down. I try to comfort myself by pointing out it's not necessarily a complete break-down, maybe just a big slide which will be followed by an up-turn soon.

Yeah, actually, I'm not in a depressed mood; I still appreciate being an observer on this lovely globe; I feel quite allright after all. Must be the meditation that keeps me up, I guess.

*(Prenzl'berg is a north-eastern district of Berlin)