You are asking for CHANGE? Then turn off your TV and stop listening to the load of bull they're hammering into your brains all day, every day. For once, for good, and at last. Read your own constitution. Read it again. Then seek out what they don't want you to know. "They" being your good shepherds for so long...

Your writer here is from "Old Europe" and has no stake in your elections. But he once had a dreamland. The land of freedom, which was built on the hopes of OUR countrymen who once flocked to America to flee the dismal conditions and the reign of terror that clerics and emperors had erected. One would think that times are better now, and they certainly are, but look underneath the surface... Freedoms are being cut back everywhere, slice by slice. Moralists, creationists, and what not -ists and -isms are taking over again. Our legal systems go haywire and people sue because they CAN, not because there is a need to defend something. Find a greek dictionary and look up what "democracy" means, and then also look up "bureaucracy". Ask why our currencies are getting devalued by the stroke of a feather, and why we allowed that to be such a convenient thing to do. Have they ever told you why income tax was introduced in the first place? Yes, an "emergency measure" to finance WW I... followed by the discovery of the government how great it is to just leave it that way.

Dear American friends, you have a chance to restore that dreamland. And don't be offended by someone else's opinion. Your roots are outside of your borders, whether you like it or not. So yes, we DO have an opinion and we DO say it, because it is OUR dream just as well that is in your hands. We are friends and we will always be, and friends be honest with each other. You can do better!

Please find the courage to make one good decision this year. For once, for good, at last.

Thank you.



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