I wish I were one of these people who would work on just one project at a time. I've currently got two active projects going--and several inactive ones as well.

First, I've been working on my next Out of the Box book, which covers Tonner Doll's Daphne. It's about 80% complete, I believe, and as usual, I'm a little tired of the doll's sculpt and needing a break. (This is the reason I work on more than one project at a time.) I'm still missing a few dolls and outfits, and am wondering if I will be able to find them, or if I should bother making it complete. I feel like it should be complete--yet the series is so casual, it may not make a difference. It's definitely time to start rotating the models out of my collection, as lovely as they are.

Second, A Little More BJDs For Beginners is going well. I've been inspired and have gotten lots more ideas of what to add to this second volume. My older book is still selling surprisingly well, though I find it a little out of date. I've got photos and instructions for a face-up tutorial and lots more how-to tips for this book, so I'm excited.

I'll be adding many more companies' dolls to this book, as I got so many complaints about using only Peak's Woods girls last time. (It even says I only use them as models in my description--though Amazon reviewers still knock off a star in their reviews. I also get knocked off points when I don't have instructions about how to make a BJD--which I explicitly state in the description.)

At any rate--I'm thrilled to say I am including a detailed BJD company list in this version. I'm currently working my way through the alphabet, and making a database (I'm only at H) of companies that make dolls, and including things like prices, what they call their doll sizes, and what their aesthetics are like. It is very educational, though I have to confess it is absolutely killing my budget! I had no idea there were that many doll companies out there. And my wish list... oh, man.

Also--I've added another new section on if-you-already-collect-this-doll-consider-this-doll. I sort of accidentally ended up with a Xaga Doll Ximilu. She can wear Azone Pure Neemo clothing, and she's just perfect for Azone fans (as I happen to be one).

My problem now--I know so many beginning collectors start out with a large (effeminiate) boy doll. For some reason, these dolls just have never appealed to me. I don't own any in my collection, and I don't want one. How do I address this in my book? I'll never be able to make everyone happy. Also, I don't care for serious fantasy dolls (angels, demons, centaurs, dragons, whatever), so while I'm sure lots of other collectors are fans, I won't make them happy, either. I'm hoping I can attend some doll meets or conventions and at least get some photos that include pictures of these types of dolls.

Sigh. Well, I guess I'll be able to find a happy medium by including a few different aesthetics this time, at least--that should be a little better than last time. I'm sure readers will be able to give me a little slack. No one would expect me to collect a doll I don't personally adore, right?