I look with envy on you BJD enthusiasts (you know who you are) who have wonderfully themed wardrobes, a nice variety of wigs and shoes and, most importantly, a managably sized doll collection. You've planned each purchase carefully, budgeted for each, and treasure each one as much as the next. You don't become overwhelmed at the sight of your collection, or the shelving in your closet, or the piles of unfinished projects lying around. No--because purchased dolls you love, not just dolls you like.

I have so many projects in progress because I get bored of doing the same thing. I am currently working on a book of Daphne--all of the Effanbee and Tonner Daphne sculpts ever made--and I'm already tired of her. I have Daphne coming out of my... ears, we'll say, to be polite. What I need to do is take photos, sell the dolls, and move on. Right now, I have too many dolls, and I'm going insane.

I've recently finished Volume II of Steffie: Out of the Box, which has left me with a few hard-to-find Steffie Barbies. Unfortunately, I won't get what I paid for them. And it's a terrible time to sell. While I could hang on to them for another year, they are only going to continue to cause stress. I should move forward and find them a new home. It would be the most humane move for both the dolls and me.

Plus, I could use the funds to reinvest in my future. Frankly, my books aren't paying the bills just yet. And sitting here, paralyzed with dolls isn't helping. I need to move. Why is it so hard to let go? I feel like I've spent writer's block with them, and we've built some history together. Perhaps that's why it's difficult to sell.