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  • Beijng 2008 Olympic Games

    - 13 years ago - 1 comment
    Today is August 8th,2008. Beijing Olympic Games is coming!Will you watch the opening ceremony  tonight?What do you want to say about Beijing Olympic Games ? Show your blessing here!!!!! I'm a Chinese student.I wish China and Chinese people can bring the fantastic feelings to all of you,my friends! Let's bless together:the best performance for the athletes,the wonderful experience for the tourist in Beijing and China,and the long long peace and prosperity of mankind society !!!…


    - May  2, 2008 - 3 comments
    TIBET RIOT !=HUMAN RIGHTS What really happened in Tibet is RIOT. There was looting, burning of building, killing of civilians. 5 girls burned to death, including an 18-year-old girl Chen Jia who was the youngest victim. If there are 100+ monks died as claimed by Dalai, why the crying monk in the news reporter visit didn’t mention it at all??? Some more facts about Tibet Tibet population has increased from 1.2 Million (1959) to 2.62 Million (2000), that's more than double…

  • A Letter To CNN

    - April 24, 2008
    Sir, In Situation Room aired on April 9th, CNN commentator Jack Cafferty insulted the Chinese people with his racist comments by saying, "I think they (Chinese) are basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they’ve been for the last 50 years." As a Chinese, I was stunned and shocked!   The Chinese people well understands the US's upheld freedom of speech and fully respects Jack Cafferty's personal political opinion. However, what he said has completely crossed the line, considering Mr…

  • 留法学生李洹的精彩演讲

    - April 24, 2008
    太震撼了!留法学生李洹的精彩演讲   下面是李洹法文演讲的全文译文,略有删节。    女士们,先生们,亲爱的中法朋友们,你们好!   我想首先感谢 巴黎 人民和 巴黎 市警察局给了我们今天这次机会让我们聚集于此。这是罕见的一次,也是欧洲和 法国 历史 上最大的 华人 集会。   我想代表从别的城市,乘坐大巴、火车和汽车,从几百公里以外自费赶来的朋友们说几句话。很多朋友没有能与我们相聚于此,但是我想替他们表达他们与我们一样的对 中国 、对法国、对法国人民,以及对中法友谊的关注。   在这次对中国的妖魔化的扭曲报道事件中,我们,全世界的中国 留学生 ,我们感觉很痛,我们的感情受到了伤害,但是我们不怪法国人民,因为造成这样结果的责任人不是你们,而是一些不负责任的 媒体 和职业煽动家。   像所有行业一样,记者和媒体有自己要遵守的职业道德。媒体要求公正,客观,对所报道内容的核实,以及评论的适中。无论如何,也不能诽谤和诬蔑,没有证据地责难,扭曲 事实 。   在对最近发生的事情报道中,一些记者超出了他们原本的报道角色,完…

  • The riot in tibet!Please pay attention to the truth!

    - April  3, 2008 - 3 comments
    Hello my friends.I am a Chinese student.Recently in our Xizang province a big riot happened.A lot of innocent civilians got badly hurt.But some of the westenern medias such as CNN and some TV stations in Germany had delivered lots of fake articles.As a Chinese,I am very angry.I love world peace.I want everyone in the world can live in harmony with each other.If there is fewer hostility,our live could become much better.Don't you think so,my friends?Tibet is part of China forever.History has give…

  • Hello Everyone!

    - April  3, 2008
    Hello Everyone! I found this web site by chace several days ago.I think it is really a good stage to show ourselves and communicate with people all over the world.May we become good friends! Everyone is busy doing things everyday.So the Internet offers an approach to relax and have fun.Have a nice day,my friends all over the world!