I'm very happy about the participation in this group, and of course the stunning results. i founded it for myself, when i noticed the results of my post-production differ significantly from what i achieved with eyes and camera only. what i actually intended was to cut down on the bloated possibilities of imaging software. learned a lot about seeing and my camera. stopped thinking "i will darken this later, increase the contrast, correct the histograms, blur the upper right bit and project it onto a piece of ancient paper". started thinking "this is really beautiful".

remember, this is not the antiphotoshop group. but i'm pleasantly surprised all my IP friends who went "thanks for the invitation, but i fear will never post something here" contributed with fantastic pictures.

to those who think about posting their photoshopperies in here: you're just plain wrong here. why fool us, and yourselves? where's the fun? and if you absolutely have to - try to be honest, and post your PS-log and protocol. we are 13 brave people now, and you are invited, too!!

in the end, it's just a game. it's not about "displaying reality" (which only leads to lengthy, boring, and highly adolescent discussions about the possibilities of doing so), but about trying to picture what you think you're seeing. there's nothing wrong PS, just as there's nothing wrong with japanese tea ceremonies. but sometimes, you will beg for cold, clear water to quench your thirst.


Thanks to all contributors