And flickr deletes you again.

How many times now?

for what?

No doubt to stop you from making seen

your stuff that they wish to steal or kill.

Like those MetaThumbs above-

god forbid including anything

unique or innovative on this site.

Yes, I know that flickr wants their links and tools and widgets

and flagrant disregarding all over everybody else’s dreams.

But the shame DE! how dare you in any way sell

your ideas in the store that flickr built

from the goods you and some others donated.

Yes clever. Flickr a resounding success. how?

Easy - by selling other people's photos,

no copyright needed when you're flickr I guess.

So they whore out photos they don't own,

and even mandate plugs, ads and links back to flickr

wherever else these photos with flickr to-go boxes go.

But here there is you, DE?

Deleted maybe 50 times?

Almost all of the time deleted

for linking your dream

or presenting your venting?

pursuing your success too?

And, behold: flickr fucks you.

Please listen to how I understand DE?

Flickr doesn't let you link back to anything you make...

not from your own photos

who's views flickr sells as their product

but if someone posts your photo

somewhere on some blog that

doesn't even know you enough to wanna screw you,

this fucking flickr has the temerity to

require them to pimp referrals back

from this unknown blog,

using this hot photo of DE's -

A photo flickr sold some customer

access to right before,

for the 50th time,

the deleted you.

Learn it already you fool DE!

Selling is bad.

Only flickr can sell.

Promoting your dreams - that's bad.

only flickr can promote with your dreams.

how will ipernity be?

will ipernity bake it off the ground with our dreams

and then then delete us?