Hi dear visitors, friends, and hot strangers,

I am the famousde - "drunken editor" - and most refer to me as "the DE." Like many of you I am a former flickr member. I have been on flickr for some time - probably took me 400 dollars to figure out flickr's rules; by the time I finally found out the rules, I was dissapointed to discover that flickr stills deletes accounts, even thoughs that follow every rule possible. I think if ipernity is fair and doesn't rip people off by delete their hard work, connections, and photo contributions, then ipernity should put flickr out of business in a very short amount of time.

You may know me from flickr - I started some of the popular groups there like "girls that aren't models but should be or could be," "topless virgins" well - I don't want to list them all but I probably started about 25% of the top female photo related groups. Enough about flickr.

It is great to be here at ipernity - especially since I haven't been deleted for no damn reason. Please don't be shy - feel free to say hello - and feel free to leave comments on the photos or a note here at my blog - or on my homepage.

I hope you enjoy the photos I have to share - and thank you for sharing your photos with me.