I created the avatar Ey Ren on Second Life the summer of 2006. This was having sought after an online community driven 3D platform for quite some time. Let's just say that pulling pets and making jam in The Sims Online wasn't quite enough any more.

Ey Ren 1.0 I had no clear view on what to do, where to go and who to be in Second Life. But I pretty soon decided I wanted to impersonate myself as an elf character. And urban elf at that.  For quite some time, I looked like you see on the pic to the right. Sort of an elf-hillbilly-biker-grandpa look. But as my SL life developed and I got friends who were a tad more into fashion and what goes around than myself, I just put an end to the nagging about exchanging my "noob hair" with a  flexi prim wig. By simply not having hair at all. Since that, I have been an aged looking elf (OR Vulcan - as any trekkie I meet insists) with or without a grey beard, depending on the mood.