This picture sums up my predicament; random headaches.
Ones that make me jam ugly beanies over my head and hide under daggy knitted blankets because of all the bright lights and jarring noises.

They're triggered off by the weirdest things; mainly sweet smells. Any kind of sweet smell. And loud noises.
Not good. Not good because I'm currently hooked on hot chocolates and catching up on movies, and browsing the web looking for work.

I'm planning to scan a few more things in, as soon as my eyes stop arguing with the computer. New things. I just realised these pictures were made over a year ago.

Tonight I got up the courage to say hello to a familiar face. Hope I didn't come across as stalker-ish. Hooray for familiar faces.

I go hide now. Hate typing in short sentences, and the computer's monitor combined with clicking keys brings pain. Time to hide in beanbag and watch Big Love.