This constitution started two years ago and honours women that were distinguished for their contribution to research and innovative methods.

Helen Antoniadou,despite her young age,is a very promising young scientist.
The Greek beauty after completing her studies in Computer application in Biomedicine at the University of Central Greece was admitted to UCL, where she did an MSc in Nanotechnology.

It deals with the life sciences, nanoscience and regenerative medicine, she is among scientists who believe that soon will be able to deliver an alternative therapy in transplantation: the development of vital organs from stem cells of the same patients who need transplants and which the body will be less likely to reject.

Helen Antoniades is even co-founder of the award winning company «Transplants Without Donors LLC» (Transplants Without Donors) active in this sector, while the interest in the exploration of space led to NASA, which investigates the effect of radiation on the nervous system, in order to protect astronauts during their space travels.