Greece's second large city,Thessaloniki,commemorated the 70th anniversary
of the first deportation of its Jews
to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Around 1000 people walked in a silent march to the old railway station where
the first train left Greece's northern city
for the notorious camp on March 15th 1943.

Flowers were thrown onto the rails after
the march and the Thessaloniki
Jewish Community Choir gave a performance.

Among the people taking part
in the solemn walk was Israeli
famous violinist
Ivry Gitlis,according to an AFP reporter.
(photo above).

Anna Santicario,one of the few Greek
Jews survivors of the Holocaust,shows
the memory 'sign' on her hand.

About 50.000 Greek Jews from
Thessaloniki were lost in concentration
camps during the Holocaust in 2nd World War.