Decided to take advantage of the end of the month and put a few of my photos from Flickr on here. I will probably do this from time to time. Tried to use Greasemonkey on Firefox and kept getting that I was not logged into Ipernity. Well I was logged in so it's a long term problem that others have also had. Went ahead with Chrome which worked well.

So going to slowly get some of my older photos on here and will be deleting some photos from Flickr because I have no confidence in how Yahoo will continue to handle Flickr. They do not care at all about the people who were paying money to use the site so I'm sure it would not be surprising if they start using our photos for whatever they want.

I don't know if I mentioned before but as I go through my photos I see how some no longer look good on Flickr. Why they feel the need to force everyone to have their photos justified on the individual page is beyond me. Photos that looked good now look like crap. I had been okay with the justification when looking at my contacts prior to the changes but that was just to preview the photos. Now with the change I am not happy with the way many of my photos look so I don't want to leave them there even if I do not put them on Ipernity.

That is where I am at right now. Not sure how many of my Flickr photos will show up here because I also want to put new ones up. I guess like a lot of people it's a work in progress. We were all caught off-guard and everyone is scrambling and trying to decide what to do. Not something I wanted to spend time on but we were not given a choice.