Hello everyone and hello Ipernity. I have to say I am part of the crowd in first being astonished by the changes in Flickr and then heavy hearted when I think of all the time I put in putting photos on their. Flickr was one of my favorite sites because of all the lovely people on there. I enjoyed it.

So the choices were have to deal with a site and company that were difficult for me, stop uploading much of anything, or chance it on a new site. It's not that easy because I have inflammatory arthritis which is getting worse so I have to chose what I do with my time and energy more carefully. Flickr was a big investment for me.

I appreciate that the Ipernity people seem to want to help out so I am going to see how this goes. I think I like a lot of people are feeling cautious because we had the internet rug pulled out from under us. I'd like to know Club users how you are liking it here.

Right now I am not sure how much I will upload here. I have a lot of photos and I want to get back to blogging. I also need to work on reducing the number of photos I have on Flickr because I have zero confidence in what they might do. I will keep visiting the site for the people I got to know there and might use it for blogging still but nothing more than that.

So hi and let me know how you are liking this site!