In September 2014 the people of Scotland will vote in a referendum to decide whether to become an independent country once again. Opponents of this initiative have pulled out all the stops and have tried every kind of dirty trick and misinformation to dissuade the Scots. These include allegations as follows:- That people in Scotland will be unable to see their favourite TC programmes (nonsence; viewers in the Republic of Ireland can and do see these programmes); that they will no longer be able to use the pound Sterling (though for decades after independance the Irish used the pound until joining the euro zone); that they will have to reapply to be members of the EU (though many in England themselves want to have a referendum as to whether to leave the Union); that this will involve loss of jobs in Scotland in defence, etc., etc. The opponents of independence have misquoted statistics to exaggerate its potential cost. It is also disquieting to read reports that former first Lady Mrs. Clinton, the Pope and President Obama have expressed disapproval of Scottish independance, although they have no right or authority to do so. Having once won their own independence from Britain, would North Americans begrudge it to others?

"What sae base as be a slave? - Let him turn an flee!"