The Revelation of an Artist

i am the branch of a willow tree,
hanging over swift waters,
fixed to a mighty trunk,
i can not fall,
in me, refuge and peril are harmonious.

i am a song of rivers,
my lyrics are swift and certain,
they are the empty thoughts,
i see music taking the sojourn.

i am the cloud over head
floating without companion,
none have i found worthy,
i am the storm of roses.

i am the butterfly of beginnings,
the lovely wings of brevity,
i seek darkness leading to light,
i fly quickly, they turn me back

i am the loveless,
who sees within himself,
how many have i slain in battle,
i am the tortured.

i am the hopeful,
my name is 'stalwart',
i am shunned by the wretched,
i fall into grace.

i am unable to die,
loving angels offend me,
my name is 'dual-one',
feared by the dragons of hate.

i am the longing,
hoping for the peace,
my name is 'victory',
i am forced into war.

i am death and life,
the anvil of hope,
strike and be heated,
i am love untested,
i am love unused.

(c) erik, 14 April 2012, 3:32am
rev- 09 Sept 2012 1:30am